Project Overview

Smart sensors can determine if individual passengers are secure
and seated correctly.

Travelsafe have been working hard to design, manufacture and supply the Mining and Transport industries with effective solutions to a variety of passenger safety issues. 

The 'Travelsafe System' offers a means of monitoring the secure fastening of all occupants within a vehicle.

Travel Safe utilises a small 'Tablet' touch screen as a Command Centre which, together with sensors located in the seats and seat belts display to the driver whether a seat is occupied, and if that passenger's seat belt has been fastened securely and correctly. 

Travel Safe offer many different packages to cater for all vehicles and level of security/safety required.  

All Travel Safe System packages incorporate Satellite Monitoring (Iridium) and integrated vehicle tracking with the ability for live and event based reports.

The 'Travel Safe System' is a key player in any organisation's 'Risk Management System', by reducing risk of fatal injuries and optimising transport safety resulting in lowered Liability Exposure.