Extra safety for the bench seat.

Recently, major mining companies have introduced new policies and procedures entailing the removal of static lap only seat belts (2-point) to replace with either a 3-point retractable seat belt or at least a retractable lap belt. (Will vary between sites and companies)

Travel Safe supply and fit a retractable 2-point seat belt kit in replacement of your vehicles original static 2-point Lap Belt.

As a safety feature, the retractable lap belt adjusts automatically for correct fitment and restraint of the occupant. This kit can be adapted to almost any vehicle.

All 2-point seat belt conversion kits are designed and approved in accordance with Australian Standards. See Licensing and Clearance

Installation of this kit can either be performed by Travel Safe on-site or off-site by our experienced fitters and technicians.

Vehicles previously serviced include:

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